This 50 EUR TEFL fee is only available when purchasing a 2-program package.

Angloville will email you an online access code to complete the TEFL course. Our TEFL online course has been developed in partnership with PremierTEFL in Ireland. It arms you with an accredited, internationally recognized 120h TEFL Certificate. You will learn all the fundamental best teaching practices. 

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What is TEFL?

Earn your TEFL certification with our comprehensive online 120h TEFL course, designed to equip you with the teaching skills and methodologies needed to excel in English language instruction. Our course offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, ensuring you’re ready to teach in diverse educational settings. 

Gain a globally recognized qualification that opens doors to teaching opportunities around the world!

What does the AngloTEFL training and certification include?

If you aspire to become a part-time teacher, an online mentor or are seeking your first job opportunity in a school, AngloTEFL provides the ideal training for you. This Level 3 certification is recognized internationally, and accredited by Highfield, ODLQC and ACD, allowing you to teach both online and abroad. 

120h Online Cours

The 120-hour online course serves as a valuable complement to our practicum training. This module guides you through four key areas of language acquisition, which include reading, speaking, writing, and pronunciation. You will acquire the skills necessary to plan and deliver effective lessons that align with student and class learning objectives. Additionally, you will gain insights into the intricacies of teaching English to non-native speakers, become well-versed in grammar, and learn how to effectively teach it to students of all levels.

Practicum Training

Our 1, 2 and 3-week practicum package offers up to 210 hours of live practice using a disruptive method: we don’t use books, traditional classroom teaching, or teaching grammar directly. Instead, we focus on practicing English through enjoyable and casual activities. This dynamic schedule guarantees a diverse and engaging programme, preventing monotony and ensuring the active participation of all participants.

TEFL Certificate

With over 10 years of experience and the quality of training offered across 12 destinations in Europe, Angloville has earned worldwide recognition for our TEFL qualification, in collaboration with PremierTEFL. Upon successfully completing the application file documentation, the online course, and the practicum programme, you will graduate and become prepared to teach as a professional educator, equipped with the AngloTEFL certificate.

Our offer includes:
✔️ 120-hour accredited online training, self-led study schedule, and study using the TEFL app.✔️
✔️ 1, 2, or 3 weeks of live practice on our Angloville programme✔️
✔️ Certification to teach both online and abroad (schools, private lessons, etc.).✔️
✔️ Internationally recognized Level 3 certificate, accredited by Highfield, ODLQC, and ACD.✔️
✔️ 7 Digital certificate with unlimited validity.✔️
-26 hours of live Zoom classes (optional, with PremierTEFL).


Exclusive job board membership and job coaching seminars with PremierTEFL.


Personal tutor support with experienced TEFL trainers from PremierTEFL.



Why should you book a room with Angloville?

Most of our international participants book a room with Angloville so they don’t have to worry about accommodation and transportation the day of the programme. They also find it comfortable to meet and spend time with the other participants in the departure city.

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