CELTA Terms & Conditions

Angloville and ITTC have partnered to offer a CELTA training (hereby referred to as ‘Course’) to Angloville’s community. When purchasing this Course, payment in full will be made to Angloville. Thereon, complete organization of the Course will be handled by ITTC. The admission process begins once deposit payment has been made. After that the ITTC representative will be in contact with you within 5 days. The terms and conditions are an agreement between you, the applicant, Angloville and ITTC.  This agreement is valid from the 8 December 2020.

I have read the Course Information and Learning Agreement and I accept all the  conditions outlined. 


My application process will be run by Angloville International Ltd, St Mary’s College, Emmet Place, Youghal, Co Cork, Ireland. Tax number: 3458878JH. Company number: 596977 

Admissions and Course 

My admissions interview and the Course will be organized by ITTC Teacher Training Centre

91 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth BH3 7AN, United Kingdom. Registration: 04341526 [also referred as the ‘Centre’ or ‘ITTC’]

I understand that I must complete all  coursework components, as outlined at the admissions interview with ITTC, for submission to Cambridge  Assessment English, and I accept that the Centre’s assessment of my performance on the course, validated by Cambridge Assessment English is final.

Failure to attend sessions for whatever reason may jeopardise my chances of passing the course due to the requirements of the awarding body for certification.


I agree to pay a  £250 deposit to Angloville in order to express my commitment to undertake the Course. The deposit will be refunded by Angloville within 14 days had I failed to meet the admission requirements during the admissions interview held by ITTC. 

Full course fees are always displayed on Angloville’s website: shop.angloville.com . 

Access to the course can only be provided upon payment of full course fees as specified in the price list on shop.angloville.com and subject to availability. Full fees must be paid to Angloville at least 3 weeks before the course start date. Angloville and ITTC cannot guarantee to hold my place on the course unless all fees are paid in full and on time. I acknowledge that Students with unpaid fees will be refused entry to classes.

All payments must be made electronically in EUR or GBP via a link provided by Angloville at shop.angloville.com. Angloville does not take any responsibility for the use of third party online payment facility. Angloville will not be responsible for any malfunction of online payment software. Any disputes arising with payment shall be dealt directly with your bank and the online payment system provider.

The total course price does not include: extra accommodation if required, any bank fees or handling charges with my bank, insurance or postage of the course certificate.


Upon a successful admission to the course, I understand that the deposit and fees are non-refundable.

Should I wish to cancel my  enrolment, I accept that the following cancellation charges will apply, calculated from the day the cancellation is received in writing to info@angloville.com: 

⮚ More than 30 days before the course starts: retention of £250 deposit 

⮚ 30 days or fewer before the course starts or once the course starts: no refund 

Any refunds will be made by the same payment method and to the same source as the original payment. Fees are not transferable to other students.

Course transfers 

Transfer to another course is permissible subject to availability of places and at the  discretion of Angloville and ITTC. If this is possible, Angloville and ITTC require 4 weeks’ notice and there is an  administration charge of £250. I understand that, once I have started a course, it is not  possible to transfer to another course, except in the case of the Covid-19 clause  below. 


I am in good health and have no disability either mental or physical which would affect  my ability to take the course. If I have any such disability, I will or have already discussed this  fully at my admissions interview with ITTC.

COVID-19 – I understand that in the unlikely event I am diagnosed with COVID during  the course and am too unwell to continue, Angloville and ITTC can offer me a deferred place on a later  course on receipt of a medical letter to confirm this diagnosis.  

At the time of writing, I have no outside pressures which would prevent me from  concentrating fully on the course. 

Code of Conduct

During the time attending the Course, I must follow a professional code of conduct. If at any point of the Course or my live teaching practice it is deemed by the Centre that my behaviour is in violation of social norms or in breach of local law and current terms and conditions, I may  be asked to leave with no refund of paid fees.

Neither Angloville nor ITTC accepts no responsibility for students’ personal actions to another party while attending the Course.

Technical requirements

I have the technical capability, reliable Internet connection and appropriate hardware  (PC/laptop, webcam, microphone, headphones) to undertake an online course. Angloville and ITTC  bear no responsibility for technical problems on my side.  

Personal Data

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act, Angloville are data controllers. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, I acknowledge and agree that Angloville may transfer, store and process my personal data and sensitive personal data as contemplated by this agreement. 


This agreement and any claim or dispute arising from or related to this agreement, will be governed by, and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Ireland and shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising out of it.

Use of Information

When you apply for a Celta Course, you authorize Angloville to collect personal information, such as name, username, email address, address, work history, academic history and other non-financial personal information to determine your eligibility to participate in the Course. 

Your personal information shall be used solely for the purposes described above. Submission of personal information is wholly optional and can be removed from our records by request by emailing Angloville at info@angloville.com

Learning Agreement 

To confirm that you have been given advice and guidance about the course, please read the following carefully. 

1. I understand the potentially stressful nature of an intensive full-time Online CELTA course. 

2. I understand that the course is based on current methodology (i.e. a communicative and learner-centred approach to language teaching). 

3. I understand the need for thorough preparation before the course (i.e. completing the pre-course reading and language awareness task. 

4. I understand the importance of regular attendance, and that attendance alone will not guarantee that a candidate will ultimately reach the necessary standard required to pass the course. 

5. I understand that six hours of assessed teaching practice and all assessed written work must be completed in order to pass the course. 

6. I understand that in addition to attending the sessions during the day, I will need to spend at least fifteen to twenty hours a week on reading, writing assignments and lesson preparation. 

7. I understand that previous academic study and/or teaching experience will not necessarily be an advantage or reduce the amount of work to be completed. 

8. I understand that the centre’s assessment of a candidate’s performance on the course, made by approved tutors and validated by Cambridge Assessment English, is final. 

(Please note that your Portfolio of course work remains the property of Cambridge Assessment English.) 

9. I understand that differences in final grades are based on predetermined assessment criteria, and depend not only on the amount of effort made by a candidate, but also on the language awareness, insight, skills and qualities that are brought to the course. 

10. I understand that the assessment is based not only on planning and teaching skills, but also on overall professional attitude and behaviour, which may be a factor in suitability for employment. 

11. I understand that an interview cannot guarantee that a candidate’s command of the English language will remain acceptable under the pressure of teaching practice and being observed by a course tutor. 

12. I am in good health and will have no outside commitments or pressures that will prevent me from giving my full attention to the course. I have also mentioned any disabilities/illnesses/medical conditions, which may affect my or others’ performance on the course, or the amount and type of support that I may require. 

13. I am computer literate and have the technical capability, reliable Internet connection and appropriate hardware (PC/laptop, webcam, microphone, headphones) to undertake this online course. I understand that ITTC bears no responsibility for technical problems on my side. 

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