AngloTEFL Package Deposit : Scholarship Package


Either you want to travel with Angloville or to become a professional ESL teacher, the deposit is a mandatory requirement to participate in our Angloville programme. For details regarding the features of the AngloTEFL scholarships, please review the information provided below.

Don’t worry, after successful completion of your scheduled programmes, Angloville will refund you 99 EUR.

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Thank you for joining Angloville and dedicating your time to be part of our sponsored cultural experience, travel through Europe, and meet our wonderful local students. In order to confirm your selected spots, the only remaining thing for you is to pay a security deposit.

What does the AngloTEFL training and certification include?

AngloTEFL stands out as one of the most renowned English teaching qualifications in the ESL market. If you aspire to become a part-time teacher and are seeking your first job opportunity, AngloTEFL provides the ideal training for you. This certification is recognized internationally, allowing you to teach both online and abroad. Our offer includes:

  1. a 3-programme practicum package (equivalent to up to 210 hours of practice)
  2. a 120-hour online TEFL course
  3. an AngloTEFL certification upon successful completion of both the 3-programme practicum and the online course.

   1) A 120h online course

The 120-hour online course serves as a valuable complement to our 3-week practicum training. This module guides you through four key areas of language acquisition, which include reading, speaking, writing, and pronunciation. By completing this course, you will acquire the skills necessary to plan and deliver effective lessons that align with student and class learning objectives. Additionally, you will gain insights into the intricacies of teaching English to non-native speakers, become well-versed in English grammar terminology, and learn how to effectively teach it to students of all levels. More info here. 

   2) A 3-programme practicum training

Our 3-week practicum package offers up to 210 hours of live teaching using a disruptive method: we refrain from using books, traditional classroom teaching, and teaching grammar directly. Instead, we focus on practicing English through enjoyable and casual activities. This dynamic schedule guarantees a diverse and engaging program, preventing monotony and ensuring the active participation of all participants. More info here. 

  3) TEFL certificate 

With over 10 years of experience and the quality of training offered across 12 destinations in Europe, Angloville has earned worldwide recognition for our AngloTEFL qualification! Upon successfully completing the application file documentation, the online course, and the 3-week practicum, you will graduate and become prepared to teach as a professional educator, equipped with the AngloTEFL certificate. More info here. 

Angloville AngloTEFL Deposit 

Admission fee: €149, of which €99 will be refunded after completing the programmes you signed up for and €30 will go to cover PayPal, bank and admin fees and all Local Eco & Tourism Taxes.

Refund Policy
To receive your refund after completing the selected programme(s) you will need to notify us once your last Angloville programme has finished. Please note that if you pay using credit/debit card, due to PayPal refund rules, returning the amount to your card is possible for up to 6 months after paying the deposit. If your refund request is received later than 6 months after the payment, instead of the card, the amount will be credited to your PayPal account.


Trouble making the deposit payment? Contact us here:

UK: +44 20 3966 4098

USA/Canada: +1 845-402-6193

Australia: +61 2 8520 1091

Office hours: 8 am – 5 pm (GMT +1)



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