Berlin Paris Eurotrip

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From: 300,00

We will discover 4 of the most famous capital cities in Europe while making international friendships during this 7-day adventure and tour. You will learn why Paris has become the treasure of Europe, why Brussels is filled with charm and character, why Amsterdam is called the Venice of the North, what makes Berlin the capital of one of new underground European cultures.

Book your seat on this trip and meet like-minded travelers from the four corners of the world. Book your spot with peace of mind: free cancelation until 15.04.21.

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Berlin-Amsterdam-Brussels-Paris Eurotrip





Four great city tours & excursions await! We will vis the most vibrant European capitals! How could you say no?

We will share stories, laughter and enjoy a glass of wine or two in the great company of our international fellow travelers!




Dates: Sunday 17.07.2022 – Sunday 24.07.2022


DAY 1:
DAY 2:
DAY 3:
DAY 4:
DAY 5:
DAY 6:
DAY 7:
DAY 8:

Starting from Warsaw (Poland)

Departure at 8:00 AM, from the Palace of Culture and Science. Transport by comfortable bus. Optional transfer to Berlin from Warsaw: optional and 100% free of charge.

Starting from Berlin (Germany)

Meeting point at our Hotel at 17:00 for check-in.

18:00: City tour with our Tour Leader

Why not discover Weserstraße? (*) The vibrant heart of the city while meeting our new fellow travellers: the whole world in one neighbourhood.

20:00: Dinner time (dinner not included)

We suggest Weserstraße district. This area is a perfect place to look for good meals & drinks. For instance, we recommend Kalaja Grillhaus Berlin, a typical grill house in Wildenbruchstr street. Best street food, best deals! This is only a suggestion, you are free to have dinner wherever you like.

21:00: Integration party

Our Integration Party is a unique opportunity to break the ice before the trip starts. We’ll welcome you at TiER (or similar place*), a fancy place which offers classic & creative cocktails at a hip, shabby-chic bar with sidewalk seating & a small courtyard. A few drinks, some nice music and good company are what we need! (Drinks are not included).

9:00: Breakfast

After one night’s rest in our hotel, we will meet for a tasty breakfast and we’ll get some energy for our second day in Berlin. Breakfast is included.

10:00: Walking city tour with our local guide

We’ll meet our local guide for a 2h walking tour across Berlin’s most iconic places. On our tour we will journey from the east to the west, crossing times, rivers and stories that, especially in the last 200 years, have shaped not only the city but the entire world. Get your camera ready for (*):

  • TV tower

  • Red Town Hall and the remains of the old Berlin

  • Museum Island and the Berlin Cathedral

  • Checkpoint Charlie and Berlin Wall stories

  • Jewish Holocaust Memorial

  • Brandenburg Gate

13:00: Lunch time (lunch not included)

Traditional food, currywurst or vegetarian bagels? You name it!

14:00: Second city tour with our Tour Leader

Let’s enjoy the city on our own and/or with our Tour Leader and new friends: it’s up to you!

What to do in Berlin? Some of us would like to go for a latte and traditional pastries, some would prefer to explore alternative lifestyles and street art in Berlin. Why not walk to Kreuzber, witness squat life and decipher some hidden messages of different graffiti and murals around the city.

17:00: Free time in Berlin

You’ll enjoy the day in Berlin, visiting an exhibition or admiring the modern architecture of the city. It’s up to you! Check our Travel Guide for more recommendations.

21:00: Dinner and Party time

After such a full day, we’ll enjoy a nice dinner and some drinks in a nice place: Eberswalder Straße is the perfect place (*). The area is a popular destination for night owls and party-goers. The scene is mainly restaurants, bars & clubs such as the rooftop terrace Deck5 or the oldest beer garden in Berlin, the Prater Biergarten. Which bar(s) will you choose? (Dinner and drinks are not included).

7:00: Breakfast

We’ll be happy to see each other again and share a delicious breakfast, before taking the road to Amsterdam. Breakfast is included.

8:00:  Depart to Hamelin

11:00: Free time and lunch in Hamelin

Hamelin is an authentic historical city reputed for its beautiful timber-framed and sandstone houses, many of which were built during the Renaissance period. Did you hear the legend of the Pied Piper? The story says that a rat catcher was summoned to Hamelin but was cheated of his reward. In revenge, he lured the children from the city by playing enchanting melodies on his flute – and they disappeared with him and were never seen again.
Explore Osterstrasse and Pferdemarkt square, walk across narrow, winding alleyways, discover cafés and inns, beer gardens and charming little shops. Hamelin is the perfect place to stop for a lunch break.

13:00: Departure to Amsterdam

20:00: Check-in at our hotel

21:00: Dinner & Party time

Nightlife in Amsterdam is something we all want to experience! Let’s discover the city together, grab a bite and have a walk around some trendy neighborhoods. Amsterdam’s food scene has something for everyone. So no matter our budget, dining style or street food, we’ll find the perfect place to please our palates. Dinner and drinks are not included.

9:00: Breakfast time

We’ll meet for our first meal in the Netherlands. Breakfast is included.

10:00: Walking city tour with our Local Guide

Our local guide will take us for an amazing walk. We will discover the origins of the Dutch capital and how a small fishing village came to dominate the maritime trade of Europe. Along our tour, we will explore the deep impression left by Spaniards and French in the history of the city. We also will walk along its famous canals while we contemplate the traditional architecture. Here a few of all the wonderful building and places we will visit (*):

  • Dam Square

  • Royal Palace

  • VOC ship replica

  • Rembrandt’s house

  • Jewish District

  • Museum of the City Of Amsterdam

13:00: Lunch time (not included)

We suggest that you have lunch & a drink like a local in a “Brown bar”: these typical dutch pubs are local watering-holes and a quintessential part of Amsterdam’s soul. You’ll have a taste of authentic Amsterdam flavour and Dutch culture.

14:00: Second city tour with our Tour Leader

Nothing is better than a digestive walk with our tour leader. We will still have plenty of things to see and visit.

You’d prefer to have free time? Why not visit the Van Gogh Museum? It’s located  in the Museum Square in Amsterdam South, close to the Stedelijk Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and the Concertgebouw. We told you: there’s more to see in Amsterdam than you may think! This is just a suggestion, of course!

17:00: Free time

We’ll be all dying to exercise a bit and go for a bike ride along the canals. We recommend that you rent a bike at the oldest rental bike in town: prices start 7.50 EURO for a 3-hour traditional dutch bike rental. This activity is optional and not included in the package.

20:00: Dinner and Party time

Let’s repeat our favorite activities: eat, drink and party. Locals say there’s a pub or a distillery at all corners of Amsterdam. Covering everything from original hipster local breweries to undiscovered craft beer bars or well-reputed tasting houses & pubs, the capital of the Netherlands’ beer tradition is unique. Dinner and drink are not included.

7:00: Breakfast

We’ll have an early breakfast and a long day ahead of us. Today we’ll go to Paris, and we’ll stop in Brussels, the capital of Belgium and Europe, on the way. Breakfast is included.

8:00: Transport to Brussels by van

11:00: Walking city tour with our Local Guide

Let’s explore the city. Brussels has a rich history and is hard to describe as it’s not just a city. Locals say it’s more like a concept: Brussels is the birthplace of world-famous comics, the city hosts over 80 museums, politicians from 27 countries, 3 official languages and even more unofficial ones, and people from 184 different nationalities are living in it. While we’ll be walking the streets, we’ll certainly be tempted by having a beer, eating chocolate, devouring more fries and grabbing waffles.

13:00: Lunch time

We’ll arrive right on time for a tasty lunch in Brussels. Who wouldn’t be craving for mussels and belgian fries? Lunch is not included.

16:00: Transport to Paris by van

Two exciting upcoming days are on their way! Let’s have a light picnic on the road: amazing gastronomy is waiting for us in France.

21:00: Check-in at our Hotel.

22:00: Party time

Let’s make our first night in Paris count!

9:00: Breakfast

The night may have been short for some of us but breakfast is always the best time of the day: coffee, croissants, jam, etc. Considered by some to be the best breakfast in the world! Breakfast is included.

10:00: Walking city tour with our Local Guide

Let’s embrace Paris and it magic: from its origin as a medieval village to the royal city of Louis the 14th’s glory, from the uproar of the French Revolution to the exhilaration of La Belle Époque, our local city guide will show you Paris as it is meant to be seen; by walking along the banks of the Seine, and through its royal gardens and squares. Get ready to explore (*):

  • Notre Dame de Paris

  • Tuileries Gardens

  • The Louvre

  • Palais Royal

  • Incredible views of Eiffel Tower

  • Pont Neuf and many more

12:00: Lunch time (not included)

We will all have high expectations when it comes to having our first lunch in Paris! There’s a culinary discovery around every corner in the French capital: snails, foie gras, frog legs and a nice glass of wine. What will be your preference?

14:00: City tour with our Tour Leader

Do you want to know more about Paris? Our Tour Leader will walk you across Paris streets and avenues

17:00: Free time

We think you would also enjoy immersing yourself in the city and exploring it at your own pace: shopping? Museum? Coffee in an iconic Café of the Rive Gauche? Paris is yours! Check out our travel guide for tips and recommendations.

20:00: Dinner time (not included)

Why not get some rest at the hotel or have a quick dinner before going out and experience the famous Parisian nightlife?

21:00: Party time

Partyyyy time! Let’s dress up and get the vibe of a night in Paris. From Pigalle to the Latin Quarter, the local nightlife scene is thriving, and a Parisian nightlife experience is second to none! From posh to historical, Paris promises clubs, cabarets and all-night parties. For instance, le Marais neighborhood in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, is known for its great offer of nightlife venues, near the main famous monuments (Notre Dame, Centre Beaubourg, Quartier Saint-Denis). These are only suggestions, of course! Drinks and club entrance fees are not included.

8:00: Breakfast

We’ll all need coffee, a lot of coffee, following our last night pub-crawl. We’ll enjoy our breakfast at the hotel and get some energy for a magical day. Breakfast is included.

9:00: Hotel check out.

10:00: Free time in Paris

How exciting! You’ll enjoy the day in Paris, wandering the typical streets and admiring the Haussman’s architecture on your own. Check our Travel Guide for more recommendations.

18:00: Transfer back to Berlin by van

All the best things come to an end and it will be time to leave Paris. The good thing is we met amazing people these past 7 days. Our new friends will make the way back to Berlin much easier.

9:00: Arrival in Berlin

9:00: Bus transfer to Warsaw (optional)

Estimated time of arrival in Warsaw: 19:00 at the Palace of Culture and Science.


(*) DISCLAIMER: Our world is in a continuous state of change and weather, traffic, local regulations or restrictions updates (but not limited to these examples) may force us to alter dates, schedules, itineraries, program details and/or venues for some trips on a very short notice. However, we will strive to not change the essential structure of the programme and always offer you similar comfortable venues, hotels, vehicles and/or fun-packed activities.



        • 6 nights in a comfortable 3 star hotel (single and double rooms available) with breakfast
        • 4 walkingtours (Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris), led by a professional local guide. Language: English. Average duration: 2 hours
        • 1 break in Hanover
        • Pub Crawls or parties every night (drinks are not included) 
        • Travel guides for each city 
        • Transport by comfortable van, with A/C and luggage storage
        • 24/7 support in English during the trip 
        • Travel insurance included 
        • Optional: Warsaw-Berlin transfer and back (100% free of charge)



        • All meals and drinks: breakfast (on the last day), lunches and dinners
        • Additional excursions or activities: museums, private tours, activities, bike rentals, etc.
        • Flights to Berlin or Warsaw



        • Visa application and fees 
        • Sanitary regulations and border entries
        • Pack light, ideally a backpack (50 liters) 
        • Your flight to Warsaw or Berlin (and back home)


            • Trulli  Check the Visa application process with your Embassy.

              Trulli  Download our free Travel Guide before flying

              Trulli  Travel with a friend and share the costs: get a sharable link here

              Trulli  To go further: check our terms and conditions here

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