Cultural Education: Extra single room on a programme



Angloville is delighted to welcome you to our cozy countryside hotels (*) throughout Poland. We provide comfortable shared bedrooms to all our international participants during the programme. If you are not traveling with a friend or partner, we understand your preference for a private single room. Allow us to arrange the booking for you!

Prices start at 50 EUR per night only! (*)

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Enjoy your Angloville programme and enhance your comfort by upgrading your experience. Angloville is eager to assist you in arranging a private single room for you. You will have your own room, equipped with an en-suite bathroom (*). We present you with the chance to be a privileged guest, with this privilege beginning at only 50 EUR per night!

(*) The availability of single rooms is limited by the hotel’s capacity and current vacancies. Not all our venues can offer single rooms. Your booking will be confirmed via email. You can contact us at Please note that the use of some facilities may incur additional costs, which will be directly charged by the hotel on the day of your check-out. For more information, please review our terms and conditions.


To take advantage of a single room upgrade, you must have a confirmed spot in one of our programmes. If you have not yet secured a place in an Angloville programme, please reach out to our recruiters. We are here to assist you in choosing a suitable programme.




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